Is WordPress good for SEO

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform. It powers everything from tiny personal blogs to huge multi-billion dollar conglomerates. Hell, even the White House site uses WordPress. So it’s no big surprise that, no matter what topic you’re blogging about, WordPress is fantastic for SEO.

But what’s so great about WordPress for SEO? There are a lot of reasons, but the main reason why most every serious website owner uses WordPress for there s content management and on-page SEO factors is because it’s free. The best hosting services I’ve seen all charge thousands of dollars a year for hosting. This can get quite expensive especially if you have many domains under your name or multiple sites hosted on the same server. So WordPress is the obvious choice for people who need to manage multiple websites but don’t want to spend a fortune.

WordPress also offers a robust set of tools for building sitemaps as well as many other great on-page SEO features such as responsive web design, meta descriptions, page titles, image thumbnails, and more. All of these things are absolutely essential to building a professional website that will have high search engine rankings. Unfortunately most blog owners don’t know how to go about optimizing their sites for the search engines. WordPress has great support for tools such as the popular sitemap generation plugin as well as a full suite of SEO audit tools that can check your sitemaps for errors as well as optimize them for the search engines.

But what happens when someone does just that? They optimize their site for the search engines but still can’t get the results they want. The problem with most WordPress users who think they are doing everything right is that they have completely neglected building their backlinks properly. A lot of time and money is wasted trying to manually submit backlinks to all of the major directories. You can avoid wasting your time by using an SEO audit plugin that automates the submission process so that you only have to do it once with no work required by you whatsoever.

The third thing WordPress is good for is keyword research and meta tags management. This is especially important if you aren’t using any of the amazing plugins out there such as All in One SEO, Lighthouse, or even Easy Page Signing. A lot of people make the mistake of submitting their content to all of the major directories one by one and miss out on important backlinks. WordPress offers plugins such as All in One SEO by Yoast which allows you to gather important meta information for each post type, including image and article versions, title, description, and keywords.

One last thing that WordPress is good for is page builder tools. No other website builder is as advanced and flexible as WordPress. You can use the built in tools or hire a professional to build quality custom websites for your company. If you hire someone to build a site for you then you have the opportunity to make it as unique as possible and test how effective your keyword research, SEO, and permalinks are. This is another advantage that comes from WordPress being used for every type of site. This is why WordPress is used by many advanced Digital marketing agencies as well.